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General Modules and Rules


SBEPv4 svn, wiremod, and many other modules


1. Don't mess with other's players things, if they want help. They'll ask.

2. Don't Spam. [Permaban on first offense.]

3. Do not attempt to crash the server. [Permaban on first offense.]

4. Any M.E.C.H Administrator has the right to randomly quiz users about the rules. An incorrect answer will result in a kick.

5. Server's crash's are random due to the un-stableness of Garrysmod paired with a large amount of props. So it's advised to save ever 15 minutes or so.

By playing on this server, you agree to these rules and swear to abide by them. The administrative body has every right to punish me if I break these rules.

- M.E.C.H. Admins

Report all minges!!!!! - not the new players the trained ones