Server#4 Modules and Rules


- Spacebuild 3 SVN - Gas Systems 2 SVN - Wiremod SVN - SBEP SVN - Mining Addon - LS3 Core / Entities - PewPew


6. Earth is a safe haven, you may not attack it, attack on it, or attack from it. You may test your weaponary, but it will be considered breaking this rule if you kill someone without there permission on Earth.

7. When in Space, you are not allowed to shoot an un-armed ship unless a Faction war is present. For example, if a Industrial Ship going out to mine that isn't apart of a Faction. You are not allowed to shoot it down, but say if you were a member of [UNITY] and a War was declared by an administrator against [DOMINON] and the pilot of that ship was [DOMINON] you may fire upon it. If you are Factionless, and you are armed in space, you may fire upon any armed ship, but beware as they are allowed to shoot back.

8. At any given time, two factions may agree to have a Faction War against eachother. Lasting for however long they wish, if both sides agree then no Administrator is required. But in certain circumstances where one Strong faction is refusing to fight. A administrator is allowed to register a war between that faction and another faction. Multiple Faction wars are allowed, and Alliances are not allowed. But timed treaties are allowed, that may last no longer then 30-60 minutes within the server in order to allow them to build.

9. The destruction of an un-armed ship that isn't apart of a faction, will result in yourself being slayed and your ship being blown up.

By playing on this server, you agree to these rules and swear to abide by them. The administrative body has every right to punish me if I break these rules.

- M.E.C.H. Admins

Report all minges!!!!! - not the new players the trained ones